Industrial Hygiene Testing

The testing of noise, air and waste-water exposures are often needed to establish base lines or to check for deviations when operations change. We will arrange and oversee qualified vendors in order to provide cost effective sampling and ensure that lab data is accurate and documented.

I.H. Hazards are all around you

Many organizations incorrectly assume that I.H. risks are only found in heavy manufacturing environments.   Whether the issue is the workplace too loud, to what are they seeing, hearing or breathing in an 8-hour average period to ergonomics, the affects on your workplace could be governed by EPA or DEQ requirements.

The Murray-Wamble team is your first contact to determine I.H. exposure in your organization.


We have also provided a helpful link to more information. OSHA 3143Informational Booklet on Industrial Hygiene U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration OSHA 3143 1998 (Revised)