Accident Investigations

Every accident, no matter how minor should be treated as a threat to your company’s financial survival. 

Every workplace should know:

Most workplace accidents are NOT unexpected or unplanned events.  Most accidents occur due to unsafe conditions and work practices that have been ignored or tolerated for weeks, months, or even years.  It is usually not a question of “if” the accident is going to happen: it’s only a matter of “when.” Unsafe workplaces are actively making a decision to take the risk whether the consequences are realized or not. A methodical and well-documented investigation will identify the “root cause” of the accident that is crucial to preventing future losses. Furthermore, a solid investigation can combat fraudulent claims and serve as your best defense in a court of law.

Conducting an accident investigation should be to find “fact”, not assign “fault”. Some important basic steps of a complete accident investigation are:

    1.  Secure the accident scene

    2.  Collect facts about what happened

    3.  Develop the sequence of events

    4.  Determine the causes

    5.  Recommend improvements

    6.  Write the report