Risk Management

Many business owners and organizations possess unique qualities of risk-taking and evaluating the rewards and downsides of taking specific actions to grow their business.

Alternative Risk Financing

The Murray-Wamble team is committed to creating solutions for our clients.  Not satisfied with letting our customers become complacent in managing their risk, we take the time to understand what you do and what is important to you.   From high deductibles to captives, we have a range of ‘loss sensitive products’ right for you. Many brokers stay with offering traditional solutions because they may not take the time and commitment it takes to become knowledgeable and proactive in offering alternative risk solutions.

Focus on moving forward

Focusing on moving forward should also include managing the risks to your business or association, its property and assets. Once the risk threats are identified, you can choose to prevent the likelihood of loss by improving safety, educating and improving processes OR you can insure against the risk. Doing both is your best line of defense in a complete protection strategy. These options typically reduce or eliminate the risk through safety measures, buying insurance, or self-insurance.